Arlecchino is one of the four master automatons, he is the musician of the circus. He is never without his lute, even in battle he is seen holding on to it. The stripes on his clothes are cables that are able to extend and shoot fire at enemies.


Arlecchino has the appearance of a tall, slender and alabaster-skinned man, on his cheek is a red crescent moon and on his hands are triangles of the same color. His right eye has no pupil at all while the left one has two with red irises.

He is fully decked in white clothing with a loose fitting tunic (kept in check by a belt) and long white pants.He also wears a pair of medieval-looking long-toed shoes.

On his head he wears a white hat with fabric coming off of it, draping around his shoulders.


He is quiet and thoughtful, though a bit prideful at times.He, like the other three, is extremy loyal to doll francine, protecting her with his life.

He only looses his cool when put in extreme situations, even when literally tied up in a battle he is very calm.