Columbine is one of the four master automatons, she is the acrobat/rope walker of the circus.


Columbine's outfit consists of a green and black checkered vest with coat-tails, it has long yellow puffy sleeves with orange stars on the side and a bit of white fringe at the ends of the sleeves.

Her entire lower body is covered by silver tights.

She also wears a green mask that only obscures the upper part of her face (the only similiarity between her and the old italian comedy character she is inspired by).

Her head is covered by loose bandages from which her hair is peeking out.

After the Sahara battle, she is completely rebuilt by Faceless into a younger and smaller body.

Her new body is that of a young pre-teen blond-haired girl with wide eyes and wearing a black goth-loli dress.



Abilities and Powers Edit

Melting Touch: In her old body, Columbine had the ability to make her hands so hot that she could burn and melt anything. She seems to have lost that ability when switching bodies.

Zonapha Bugs's Manipulation: It has the ability to cause the Zonapha insects present in the air to manifest and take on material form. Columbine is capable of making many weapons with this ability, such as spikes, platforms, drills, etc.


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