Francine is a highly complex automata who was created by her master Bai Jin after the death of the real Francine. Attempting to get her to smile, Bai Jin created many automata, including the Les Quatre Pioneers and the ZONAPHA Syndrome. After Bai Jin left her beacause she wouldn't smile no matter what, she created many other automatas to realize her master's desire of making her laugh. Eventually Francine no longer desired to be the Automata Queen, so she created an exact copy to take her place and traveled around the world in hopes of finding the last missing gear to complete herself.


Because of her master Bai Jin's love and obsession with the real Francine, her appearance is exactly identical to the real one, with her hair even being real after Bai Yin giving her master the hair of Francine after the real Francine's death.


Francine is an automata created by Bai Jin to look exactly like the deceased real Francine, despite being an exact copy, Francine show no emotion mentioned by her lack of smiling ability.


Following the real Francine's death, the mad Bai Jin furthered his alchemy research in a vain attempt to bring her back to life. This resulted in the creation of Doll Francine, the first of many automata to truly be alive like humans.

On the night of her creation, Bai Jin discovered she didn't snow any emotion, so created four more automata, Les Quatre Pioneers and the ZONAPHA Syndrome with the sole purpose of making her laugh. To this end, he had used the virus on the village where he and the original Francine lived, forcing the infected villager make her laugh, or suffer an agonizing death. Even with the villagers suffering from syndrome and the Quatre Pioneers killing them, Doll Francine did not laugh. In his anger, Bai Jin violent chocked her and left, thinking she was dead.

She survived, and created more automata like herself to make her laugh, but these effort proved to be in vain. Eventually, after many years, Doll Francine grew tired of being the Automata Queen, created a copy of herself, and traveled the world in secret in hopes of discovering a gear she felt was missing to complete herself.

After a long journey, Francine encounters Shoji Saiga. He and his wife, Angelina take her in, allowing her to be present at the moment of Eleanore's birth.


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