Fanfare (ファンファーレ Fanfāre) is the 11th episode in the Karakuri Circus anime TV series.



In Harvest, Maine; a group of Shirogane-Os prepare to attack the Midnight Circus which they have located in the Sahara Desert of North Africa. Narumi, Lucille and Ming-Xia travel to the location. Meanwhile, earlier in Deauville, France, a Shirogane-O called George Laroche, offers the bored Kuroga puppeteer and assassin, Ashihana, an opportunity for action. Outside the Midnight Circus tent in the desert, Narumi's group meet the Faceless Commander and his hoard of Shirogane-Os. Les Quatre Pionniers offer to match their four automatons in one-on-one battles with the best of the Shirogane. Suddenly, the Shirogane-O, Zed, charges into the tent and quickly destroys two automatons, but their greatest hero, Merry-Go-Round Olsen, is chosen to challenge him. Olsen easily dispatches Zed and another Shirogane-O with its spinning blades. Rockenfield suggests that Narumi goes next, and he proceeds to smash the device with his bare hands. The next automaton challengers are the acrobat brothers, Orazio and Pedrolino, who are met by Fatima and Ming-Xia who is given drops of blood by Lucille to counteract the Zonapha-filled atmosphere. In the ensuing see-saw battle, the Shirogane win, but Dottore opens a trap-door and they fall into a chamber to be confronted by another challenge.

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