The Faceless Commander (顔無し Kao Nashi) is the 12th episode in the Karakuri Circus anime TV series.



Fatima and Ming-Xia are deposited into a portable medical capsule for treatment, while the remainder of the group are confronted by two doors which supposedly lead to Lady Francine. Narumi, with the Shirogane Rockenfield, Malina and Tor, takes one entrance with steps leading downwards in total darkness, while the others pass through the second door. They enter a chamber where they must fight each other to determine the who will pass further. Meanwhile, George and Eiryo travel to the Sahara by helicopter. Below the Midnight Circus complex, Narumi and the Shirogane are confronted by a series of diabolical and deadly traps. The Faceless Commander sacrifices himself to save Narumi who eventually meets up with Tor, Timbavati, Rockenfield and Malina. They now must face Les Quatre Pionniers in a contest before Lady Francine.

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