Valediction (暇乞い Itomagoi) is the 32nd episode in the Karakuri Circus anime TV series.



Shinobe Nakamachi consoles Masaru over Vilma's death, and reveals that the rest of the Nakamichi Circus have seen Éléonore‘s memories. Her 90 years of life was spent spilling her blood-fighting automata while performing as a circus entertainer until meeting Narumi changed her life. Masaru is prevented from seeing her as she spends her remaining time with Narumi before his space mission, despite Narumi still angry with Éléonore and keeps her at arm’s-length. Suddenly, the Nakamichis see Lady Spider following the train with Captain Graziano. As they prepare to fight them off, Shinobu reveals that Fou said that if automata are not confronted by humans with weapons, they instinctively try to learn their tricks. Meanwhile, Arlequino and Pantalone detect the presence of Bringhella and Harlequin who are planning to ambush the train and they dispatch to stop them.

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