The Nakamachi Trio vs Lady Spider (仲町三人VSレディ・スパイダー Nakamachi San'nin VS Redi・Supaidā) is the 33rd episode in the Karakuri Circus anime TV series.



As the train continues towards the Russian launch pad, Shinobu, Nori and Hiro confront Lady Spider who foils them by changing her face to look like Fusae. Desperately, Shinobu and Hiro try Fou's strategy and perform circus tricks but it only momentarily distracts Lady Spider from her assault. However, this provides enough time for Nori to separate their carriage from the train and blow up the tracks, and the trio manages to kill Lady Spider with one of Vilma's deadly knives.

Meanwhile, Arlequino and Pantalone intercept Bringhella and Harlequin in a nearby hilltop. Arlequino uses powerful sound waves produced by his lute to press Bringhella, but the automaton releases hidden rockets and blasts Arlequino, destroying him. Harlequin also defeats Pantalone and then confesses that he is in love with Francine and wants the reincarnation, Éléonore, for himself. This causes Pantalone to roar out laughing and in a blind rage, Harlequin tears him to pieces. Harlequin then leaps onto the train and as Narumi prepares to fight him, Éléonore steps in front and vows to protect him.

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