Rearguard (背中を守る者 Senaka o Mamoru Mono) is the 34th episode in the Karakuri Circus anime TV series.



The fight on the trains continues until Harlequin drags Éléonore from the train and Bringhella starts engaging Narumi in a martial arts show of strength. However, when Bringhella fires a missile, it reminds Narumi of his early days learning martial arts, and he counters with a missile-like punch of his own, defeating Bringhella. Meanwhile, Masaru continues his battle with Captain Graziano and uses his grandfather's martial arts downloaded into his consciousness to defeat Graziano.

The train finally arrives at the launch pad, but they are attacked by a hoard of automata. Narumi holds them off until he realizes that someone is defending his rear, but doesn’t see (white everyone watching) that it's Masaru. After they defeat all the automata, Narumi turns to see who his ally is, and Masaru blinds hum with a camera flashbulb.

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