Embrace (抱擁 Hōyō) is the 35th episode in the Karakuri Circus anime TV series.



Masaru temporarily blinds Narumi so that he could go into space and Faceless himself, intending to leave Narumi on Earth for Éléonore's happiness. Lise convinces everyone to let Masaru go, however she separately bids him a tearful goodbye. Meanwhile in the township, Harlequin chases a pursued Éléonore in a wedding dress while she was unconscious. Although weak from loss of blood, Éléonore prepares to fight him again, but the blinded Narumi arrives, and angrily smashes Harlequin to pieces with Éléonore's direction. As the shuttle takes lift-off, Narumi and Éléonore embrace and declare their love for each other. They are happily watched by the remnants of Arlequino and Pantalone before they finally succumb to their injuries. Meanwhile, Eiryō Ashihana stops Pinball-K from firing a cannon at the rocket, but is fatally shot in the process. Masaru finally arrives at the space station and finds that it contains the facsimile of an old town which is filled with Francine-like automatons. He encounters Faceless in a clone body of his previous self as Bai Jin, and Masaru pleads with him for the cure to Zonapha.

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