The Curtain Fall (閉幕 Heimaku) is the final episode in the Karakuri Circus anime TV series.



Masaru pleads with Faceless for the cure to Zonapha, but he refuses and produces a new version of Arlequin which attacks Masaru's Jack-O-Lantern. Faceless accuses Masaru of loving Éléonore, and prepares to kill him out of jealousy. Suddenly, Diamantina arrives and destroys all the Francine automata and then demands that Faceless admits that he loves her. He refuses and dismantles her instead, but as she grinds to a halt, she stabs him and sets off a series of explosions within the space station which begins to head earthward. Faceless surprisingly cooperates with Masaru to redirect the falling complex away from inhabited areas by combining their automotas to redirect a thrust engine. For a moment, Faceless feels like a big brother helping a younger sibling, just as Bai Yin did for him. Masaru again pleads with Faceless for the cure. As he begins bleeds badly from his stab wound, Faceless reveals that Éléonore’s singing changes the Zonapha bugs' deadly mode into becoming a cure. Éléonore begins singing and Masaru returns to Earth's surface an escape shuttle, leaving Faceless and Guri-pon which decides to stay with him. With Éléonore’s song, humanity is saved.

Six years later, Éléonore and Narumi (with his arm reattached thanks to Masaru preserving it cryogenically) travel around the world taking their own small circus to war-torn areas. In another part of town, an older Masaru in a bear suit saves a pair of children from criminals. The series ends inside a circus with all the featured characters and automatas waving to the audience to a curtain close.

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