Francine was a young girl from Prague, that got engaged to Bai Yin. After she was kidnapped by Bai Jin and later died, he made an automata Francine based on her looks.


Francine was a beautiful young woman with short silver and pure blue eyes. Due to her poor status, her clothes are somewhat dirty and stitched.


Despite being labeled as a thief by the townsfolk, Francine was described as an angel by other poor people due to her kindness and generosity towards them. She was also playful and enjoyed festivals.


Francine had escaped a slave trader and settled in Prague. To make ends meats and help those who were suffering from poverty, she did odd jobs and sold her hair.

One day, a orphan child was sick with pneumonia. In order to care for the child, Francine stole a singe egg to give to them, only to be sold out by a man who made some money. She was caught and branded a thief. The child died soon after, much to her grief.

She continued to perform odd jobs until she met the Chinese brothers Bai Yin and Bai Jin.


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