Harlequin was one of Les Dernier Quatre, being the Faceless Court Jester. Later, when Faceless is trapped in space, Harlequin tries to steal Eleonor and tries to make her his wife, but his plans fail thanks to Narumi, where he has his head cut off.

Appearence Edit

Harlequin is a tall, robust and completely white automaton. His eyes are black with the iris being yellow. He also has yellow teeth. Has two curved yellow horns which apparently allows him to use his powers.

He is usually seen with a hat that covers his blue hair, and there is one more hat on top of the other, the one that has a little flower.

Personality Edit

Initially, Harlequin looks like a goofy white demon who speaks nonsense and has an idiotic voice. However, he was one of Faceless's most loyal automatons.

He was also considered an idiot, but dangerous, derived from his climate-manipulating powers. He was also quite cruel, seen when he tried to eat a child during his forced marriage to Eleonor.

However, Harlequin was shown to have a hidden side, which does not like to be mocked, seen when Pantalone started laughing at him when he said his goal of marrying Eleonor. At this point, Harlequin lost his composure and attacked Pantalone in fury.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Weather Manipulation: He's equipped with a "Weather Manipulation Device" which allows him to, mostly, summon lightning bolts even if the sky is seemingly clear. Apparently his horn are required.

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