Hazama is the puppeteer of Aquarius, and member of the Assassins Clan.[1]




Hazama is introduced controlling Aquarius battling against Grimaldi, until it is smashed part. Eiryo Ashihana tells him to leave, but refusing to do so, Hazama declares he won't leave him alone. When Masaru Saiga falls from the sky knocking out Ozaki, Hazama is urppised to see him.[1]

After asking Masaru were he come from, Hazama he is told, he came the tower bulding above them. Shocked by his answer Hazama, attempts to question him, being unable to find his words. He then helps Eiryo Ashihana stand up, putting his arm around his shoulder. When Masaru throws the personal documents that belonged to his father, Hazama is grabs one of the pices of paper, and becomes shocked by reading it. He asks is it true that they've played their part, and want to get rid of them, by using a poor kid. Filled with anger Hazama rips up the piece of paper, and questions who the Saiga think they are.[2]


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