Masaru Saiga[1] is a young boy who inherited a large fortune after his father died. Now he is on the run, since his other family members want to take the inheritance by different means.


Masaru has medium brown hair, to the length on his neck. And bushy dark-brown eyebrows. He has big hazel coloured eyes. He wears his white school shirt with light blue collars, buttons, and edges of his sleeves. He also wears knee-length shorts and slight knee-highs.


Masaru's character is one that evolves greatly throughout the story, in his debut he is shown to be extremely altruistic and sensitive to the suffering of others, particularly suffering he deems to have been caused by himself. He also exhibits many of the typical characteristics an 11 year old boy is expected to have, such as a strong disposition to crying in response to tragedy. However, the progression of the story and certain events eventually discard many of his juvenile traits, but his empathic qualities remain intact with no differences aside from being displayed more often in battles, which he would seldom be involved in at the beginning of the story due to his once apprehensive nature.



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