Narumi Kato[1] is a young man who learned Kung-Fu from his master Liang Jian-Feng in China. He suffers from Zonapha Syndrome, and must make people laugh to continue living. He is also the reincarnation of Bai Yin.


Narumi is a large muscular man, with shoulder length black hair. He has a pointy nose and sharp eyes. After being caught up in an explosion he loses his left arm, but it is replaced with a bionic puppet arm.


Although he is said to be a selfish individual, as he does things for his own good, but he is actually quite a kind man. He is always ready to help someone in need or see injustice. Due to his disease, he tries to be funny at times, but ends up being scary instead. He is easily angered, especially when he is choking and needs to make someone laugh.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Chi-Kong Techniques: [1] Edit

Split Fist: Most basic strike of Chi-Kong. Narumi positions his arms, one as if it were a launch pad and the other as if it were a missile. In this, he throws a punch or a palm with Chi, causing a heavy impact.

Dragon's Grip: Narumi grabs the opponent's arm, strikes the opponent in the face with the palm of the hand and ends with a kick in the leg.

Hard Chi-Kong: By focusing the vital energy in a special point of the body, one can gather an incredible amount of energy to resist the most powerful attacks.[2]


Accelerated Healing: After being treated with Aqua Vitae he gains the power to quickly heal his own wounds.


Narumi is first seen in a bear costume, giving flyers to a circus and asking or can someone use it to request a boy with a large suitcase to be taken to a circus. He decides to ignore him. He then narrated his past in China and became ill with a rare disease and now he must make people laugh to be able to live. But since no one was laughing, he started to choke, even the same boy laughed and saved him. He then saw the same boy being kidnapped and responding to save him by attacking the kidnappers. Even though Narumi has broken some of their bones, they continue to move and decide to run with the boy. [1]

After they escaped in a train, he started to question the boy, who got sad and he forced him to laugh in order to not choke to death. The boy, named Masaru Saiga, told him his story and soon after that, one of the men who tried to kidnap him showed up on the train. He started to fight that man, but his strength was overwhelming. He then saw another man, staying in the way of the train and after it was hit by it, he saw him turning to pieces and realized they were puppets, but also the train got out of the tracks from the hit. He gave the boy a lecture of not giving up on his life and grabbed the man-puppet and jumped out of the window with him.[1]

Surviving the jump, he saw how Shirogane, a female acrobat and bodyguard who Masaru mentioned, used a puppet from Masaru's suitcase and defeated the man-puppet. When Shirogane saw him, she thought he may be an enemy, which annoyed Narumi. As they started to argue, they eventually started to fight too and Masaru tried to stop them, but got accidentally hit by the puppet Shirogane was controlling, Harlequin. She took Masaru and left Narumi alone, who went to help the injured from the train crash.[3]

He later went looking for Shirogane and Masaru, knowing it's Sunday and they won't be able to find a hospital, so he was able to convince her to bring him to a doctor he knows. At the doctors house, after he treated Masaru, he had another argument with Shirogane until they saw a large puppet outside and prepared to fight it.[3] Narumi becomes a shirogane later in the story to fight against the automata. He then goes to sahara with his teacher's daughter and Lucile the first Shirogane .To meet with all shirogane around the world to fight against automata .During the fight narumi gets injured sevral times and faints . Then other shiroganes such as Tor, Timbavati and Rockenfeild give him their puppets' limbs which replace his basic hands and legs. I belive from that time Narumi isn't a shirongane anymore because he does not have silver hair.
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