Orie is a Student who is a member of the Student Council.[1]


Orie is a girl with long hair that is tied back into a ponytail.



Orie is introduced sitting at her desk in class when a class mate tells, her things are like before. She tells her the three boys are still stupid as before, and its Masaru Saiga fault for not saying anything, even her being class representiative she can't do anything. When Atsushi starts to push Masaru around, Ories tells him that's enough. She tells Atsushi

, he was absent for two months beacuse he was sick, so he doesn't need to harass him.

Orie is then acused of being in love with Masaru, she denies. When Masaru asks everyone to stop, Ories tells becuase he won't defend himself, Atsushi continues to bother him. After Atsushi punches Masaru, Ories is shocked to see the scar on his head, and begins to panic. When Masaru then tells everyone some of the things he had been through in two months, Atsushi and his gang run away. Orie then gives Masura his head band, shen becomes embrassed about his smile and runs away.[1]

During Swimming class Orie tells Masaru she has gotten the impression he's changed, unlike he was previously. Masaru asks her if she really thinks so, she mentions about how he stood up to Atsushi, claiming he was completey different. Orie then asks who were the people that saved him and were did it happen, Masura starts of by telling her about Shirogane. After he finishes she asks explaining about her, Orie and Masuru continue to talk about Shirogane more.[2]


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