Pantalone is one of the four master automatons, he is the ball walker of the circus.


Pantalone looks like a oldman. He has extremely long arms and is a creepy-looking old man. He has a big nose and white-older looking hair and a goatee.

His clothes are a green jacket and pants, red bandages, and he has four rings on each finger.

Personality Edit

Pantalone is the most arrogant of the group. He loves to impose his superiority on humans and sees them as nothing but weak creatures.

However, after losing to Narumi during the Battle in the Sahara, he haved a great breakdown. This is the first time that the human that he looked down upon besting him in direct combat. He becomes much more somber, humble and quiet after his resurrection.

After being given his last order by Eleanor, he acts for a brief moment as a blissful, joyful old man, wanting to perform with Arlecchino under a real circus tent and even wanting to sing.


Abilities and Powers Edit

Air Blasts: Pantalone can fire blasts of pressurized air from your fingers. It can fire up to four bursts at the same time.


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