Polichinelle[1] is the puppet of Eiryo Ashihana.


Pulcinella is a four-legged puppet, with a grinding smile and long pointing down nose. It also have a eye-mask and a black pointy hat. It wears a stripes jacket and chess-like pattern pants, along with long pointy shoes and horizontal striped socks.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Pulcinella's main attack force is his bludgeon, which has enough power and force to destroy a wall.


Eiryo brought Pulcinella to the doctor's house to kill Masaru, along with some men. After the men were defeated, he attacked with Pulcinella. He tried to enter through the window, but Shirogane confronted him with Harlequin before he was able. Eiryo uses Pulcinella's bludgeon to attack, but Harlequin is easily able to dodge. Eiryo once again tries to attack with the bludgeon, but Harlequin grabbed it and crushed it, then grabbed Pulcinella's face. Eiryo is shocked and tries to draw back Pulcinella, but Harlequin's strength is greater than Pulcinella's and Harlequin prevents Pulcinella from drawing back.. Seeing as Shirogane is preparing to unleash an attack with Harlequin, he tries to use a defensive maneuvre with Pulcinella to protect it, but Shirogane is able to unleash Harlequin's Swirling Tiger attack first, at first riping off Pulcinella's head, then proceeding to crush the rest of Pulcinella's body.


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