Shinobu Nakamachi[1] (仲町 信夫, Nakamachi Shinobu)




Nakamachi is first introduced in a meeting with two older gentlemen, about him being behind on 14 months rent, he aploizes and promises to pay them soon. The two older gentlemen tell him there is many things of the warehouse he is renting, and he's using the land without authorization. He aploizes again and tells him that's his tent for his circus. Nakamachi is told to maybe start to forget about his circus and a find more serious job, that isn't baazar. Annoyed he flips the coffee table infront of him, and tells the two older gentlemen how dare they speak to him like that infront of him. Telling them he has decicated his whole life to the circus, Nori and Hiro then appear to calm him down. Sat togther the three of them complain about having on money and come up with a scheme to make some.


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