Shirogane is a young French woman who came to Japan to protect Masaru and repay the debt she feels from Masaru's grandfather helping her family. Her real name is Éléonore. She is also the puppeteer of Harlequin.[1]


Shirogane is shown to be a young slender woman with silver hair and eyes. Her attire is a yellow leotard with red polka dots on, a blackbow ties and barefoot.



She was raised in a manor which stood in by the sea, near Quiberon, a town in the Northwest region of France. Since her early childhood memory, she was taught how to manipulate puppets. Three old women were there to take care of her, feed her, dress her and teach her the art of puppetry. They would always recite a single phrase to her, asking her "Are you feeling pain, Eleonore ?". Along with being told to forget her true name, she was told to forget all human feelings and emotions, as she was just a puppet and that puppets were to learn to master the art of manipulating other puppets,

It was revealed by Shoji Saiga, Masaru's adoptive grandfather, that she is his son, along with Angelina Saiga's, who was Lucielle's daughter.


It is speculated that she is the reincarnation of the original Francine. The scene where she swore she would be cold and insolent to Bai Yin in another time and place, aka, another life, heavily suggests that Eleonore is her reincarnation whereas Narumi is that of Bai Yin.


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