Shoji Saiga[1]




Shoji was born in late Nagasaki,Japan during the Bunka period.After meeting a Holland doctor called Jacob Inn,he is invited to talk with him, and the doctor secretly reveals himself to Shoji that he is none other than Bai Yin.He and Bai Yin become friends,and Bai Yin tells him to come to his house at noon everday after Shoji tells him that he wants to know more about the world,and Shoji complies.

When Bai Yin tells Shoji about his past one day and tells him that he is a man with no future, Shoji tells him that he isn't and can throw away his pain along with his old name, giving him the new name Shirogane.

Afterwards, Shoji's brother Shoichi is caught having illegal transactions with Hollands, and is caught and prisoned.Bai Yin tells him that he can't stay anymore, and heads back to Holland.

25 years later, Shoji has become a great swordsman and the best doctor in Nagasaki.After saving the boss of a veranda,he is met with Tono Oiran, a beauty in the veranda. Tono ridicules the medical ways of Shoji,and the boss explains to Shoji that she is actually a foreigner called Angelina that saved the boss's life and asked to be in the veranda.

When a fire broke out, Tono and Shoji saves many people in the veranda using Harlequinn, subsequently revealing Tono's identity.She is seen by authorities and thratened to be sentenced, but not before the people in the veranda stop the authorities, giving her time to escape capture.The boss pleads Shoji to go to save her because of her kindness and helping hand towards the people arond her. Shoji finds her in a cave and Angelina confesses to him that she loves Shoji. Angelina tells him that she was kicked out of her home, a manor in Quiberton by her mother Lucille, and that her mother gave her a bottle of Aqua Vite and told her to give it to the one who she loves.After hearing her story, Shoji tells Angelina to go with him together, and drinks the bottle of Aqua Vitea.


  • The afterlife scene where he reunites with again with Angelina in death, plays out and is very similar to the afterlife scene between Hohenheim and Trisha Elric from the Full Metal Alchemist manga.


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