Takami[1] is puppeteer of Theogualtier, and one of The Abductors Six Puppter Masters.[2]




Act 1Edit

Takami is introduced sitting on a rooftop telling Eiryo Ashihana, it seems like he didn't see the traps coming, and did he forget that are at one of the most important Saiga Residents, it's obvious there would be some sort of traps everywhere. Watching Nakata attempting to break the main door of the resident, she calls him a moron. As Nakata is pulled towards the machine, she tells him goodbye as he's dead because he underestimated the door. She informs everyone that the door's nickname is "Hell", and asks how many puppets are they going to sacrifice before they get through the beautiful door. Takami claims there leader said he would kill any puppet that tries to get through the door, and says she wonders if one of them can succeed, and tells Ashihana he won't make it. When Shirogane stands up, Takami asks where did she come from. After Shirogane breaks the door, Takami looks on with shock, and asks who is she.[1]

When the Assassins Clan attempt to enter the Saiga Residents building, Takami throws bombs at them using Theogualtier, Takami then laughs and asks how they can be so dumb. She claims they have destroyed door "Hell", but if they think Theogualtier and her would let them through without a fight, they are really dumb. She tells Ashihana he knows she is good, doesn't he. He's known it since days when they used to train together at the centre. When Shirogane requests Ashihana to let her fight Takami, Takami's becomes shocked. After Ashihana calls her puppet unlike any other, she laughs and claims they've all learned to control puppets since childhood. Shirogane tells her let's get it over with as she has other things to do, Takami quickly becomes annoyed at her confidence. When Shirogane smirks, she begins to panic slightly, becoming worried. Annoyed she tells Shirogane she'll die in a fire of hell, and refers to her as a insolent fool. Preparing to attack, she tells Theo for them to go, then tells Shirogane to die. During Theogualtier's and Harlequin's clash Takami begins to panic, knowing Theogualtier had threw a great number of balls so, she wonders were they went. Shirogane tells Takami Japanese puppet masters are weak and only use childish techniques, believing themselves to be a big deal. She responds telling her how dare she, as she has been training for 12 years. Appearing in front of Theogualtier, she claims it missed Harlequin, who is in front of them. Takami is then stunned to see, Harlequin with all of Theogualtier's balls, who throws them back destroying Theogualtier completely. Takami is knocked on the floor from the explosion of the blast, stunned completely.[3]


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